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Graduate Participation in Commencement Policy
  1. Students who have completed or who are registered to complete all degree requirements by the end of the Fall/Spring semesters are permitted to participate in the subsequent commencement. Robert Morris holds one commencement which follows the completion of the spring semester.

  2. Students who are in good academic standing and who can finish their degree requirements by the end of the following Summer session according to a plan that has been reviewed and approved by their respective dean are also permitted to participate in commencement. In this case, students' names appear in the commencement program; however, no honors will be recognized.

  3. Students are permitted to march in only one processional for a completed degree program.
Graduate Participation in Commencement Procedure
  1. Students wishing to participate in commencement must complete the graduation application not later than 10 days into the Spring semester. Students graduating at the end of the subsequent Summer sessions must also complete the "Early Walk Form."

  2. Both forms, the graduation application and the early walk form, will be forwarded to the Academic Services Office.

  3. The Academic Services Office will forward the early walk form to the respective school dean.

  4. The school dean will review the form, approve or deny the request, and return it to the Academic Services Office.

  5. The Academic Services Office will notify the student of the decision.