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Graduate Grade Changes Policy

All requests for grade changes must be directed to the faculty member who originally awarded the grade. If the faculty member warrants a grade change, the faculty member may complete a change-of-grade form which is submitted to the department head. Change of grade requests must be approved and signed by the faculty member, department head, and school dean and forwarded to Academic Services to update the student’s academic record. All grade changes must be completed by the end of the semester following the one in which the first grade was first issued.

 The administration is not authorized to change a student's grade unless the grade was found to be issued in an arbitrary or capricious fashion, or is unable or unwilling to perform the function of the grading process. 

If a student disputes a grade and an acceptable solution is not reached by discussion with the faculty member, the student should put the issue regarding the grade or grading procedure in writing and deliver a copy to the faculty member and department head.   The faculty member will cooperate with the department head for review and assessment, including, but not limited to: instructional materials, grade books, exams and syllabi. This process is not intended to replace informal conferences between a student and a faculty member concerning the issuance of a grade.

Revised September 2017