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Graduate Incomplete Grades Policy

A student who, because of extenuating circumstances,* is unable to complete the course requirements during the required time, may request from the instructor an incomplete ("I") grade. If the instructor agrees to assign an incomplete grade, the instructor specifies the work to be completed and the date of completion. All incomplete 'I' grades not changed by the end of the following semester will automatically convert to an 'F' grade.

*Poor performance or late assignments in and of themselves do not constitute extenuating circumstances.

Graduate Incomplete Grades Procedure

When an 'I' grade is submitted for a student, the faculty member is required to complete an online form which details the reasons for the incomplete grade, an action plan for course completion, as well as a deadline date for submission of work. A copy of the form will be mailed to the student, the Registrar, the faculty member, and the Department Head. At the change of grade, the faculty member ensures that the work has been completed and submits a change-of-grade form to the department head. The department head signs and forwards the form to the School dean, who in turn forwards it to the Registrar's Office.