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Graduate Independent Study/Research Policy

Independent Study/Research is made available to students in good academic standing who desire additional education enrichment in areas not otherwise available through traditional course selection.

Graduate Independent Study/Research Procedure

Any student with a request for Independent Study/Research should be referred to the appropriate academic department head.
  1. The department head will review the student's academic record for administrative clearance and assures that:

    1. The student qualifies academically for Independent Study/Research.
    2. The student understands how credits will apply toward program requirements.

  2. The department head, upon granting the clearance, if needed, will refer the student to a faculty member who may direct the study.

  3. The student with guidance from a mentoring faculty member will prepare and submit to the dean or designee an approved written proposal related to the project.

  4. The student is responsible to have the proposal approved by the faculty member directing the study, the department head, and the school dean.

  5. Once the proposal is approved by the school dean or designee, the school dean or designee will forward the complete proposal form to the Academic Services Office, which will distribute copies to the dean(s), department head, instructor, and student after the student completes the registration process.

  6. The Academic Services Office will file a copy of the form and proposal in the student's folder after the student registers for the Independent Study/Research course.

  7. The student is responsible to register in a timely manner.