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Military Deployment Policy

Students Called to Active Duty in the Military during an Academic Semester

The following options exist for a student called to active duty in the military during an academic semester. Students may select one of the first three options and option four, if applicable, immediately by contacting their respective academic department head who in turn informs the appropriate academic dean. The student must also file written verification of the activation order as soon as it becomes available with the registrar at Robert Morris University. This policy also extends to military spouses or military dependent students who need to withdraw due to hardships caused by the service member's activation/deployment.
  1. Students can take the grade they have earned to date in a class provided that more than three-fourths of class meetings have passed and both student and faculty agree to this option. Students selecting this option will not be refunded any tuition or fees and will have their grades processed in the normal manner at the end of the semester with appropriate credits and grade awarded.

  2. Students can elect to have an Incomplete ("I") grade recorded at the end of the semester provided that more than half of the class meetings have passed and both student and faculty agree to this option. Students selecting this option will have three months after the call to duty to inform the appropriate academic dean of their intent to change the I grade. A student intending to remove the "I" grade will have up to 90 days from completion of active duty to remove the "I" grade. There will be no change-of-grade fee assessed. Faculty of students electing the "I" option must place on file in the department head¿s office specific course completion requirements for each student. A student not removing the "I" grade within the 90-day period after active duty will need to repeat the course; in this case, the "I" grade will be treated as an "F", and the student will not be refunded any tuition or fees.

  3. Students can elect to withdraw from one or more courses with a grade of "W" at any time during the semester by informing the Registrar. Students electing this option will have their tuition refunded or credited, whichever is deemed appropriate, without credits awarded.

  4. A resident student may at any time during the semester be released from her contractual obligations for room and board. Fees will be refunded for the unused portion of the contract on a pro rata basis.

Revised November 2020