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Graduate Non-Degree Study Policy

Students who wish to take graduate courses at RMU for personal enrichment, work application or other purpose, but do not wish to enroll in a graduate degree program, may do so under non-degree graduate study if space is available in their desired course(s). Students who are enrolled in a Robert Morris University undergraduate program may not be simultaneously enrolled for graduate non-degree study. Any student who has previously been denied admission to a Robert Morris University graduate degree program is not eligible to enroll for non-degree graduate course work.

Non-degree graduate students may enroll for a maximum of 12 cumulative graduate credits. Students will also be required to meet the graduate pre-requisite(s) for their desired course. Students enrolled in non-degree graduate studies are not eligible to receive federal student loans.

Students enrolled in non-degree graduate studies who wish to continue in a Robert Morris University graduate program must apply for a change of major with the graduate enrollment office, at which time they will be required to submit all of the necessary credentials required for their chosen degree program. Enrollment in non-degree graduate study does not guarantee that a student will be accepted into their chosen graduate program. If a student is admitted to their chosen graduate degree program, the graduate courses they have completed will be applied to their graduate degree program if possible.

  1. Students need to complete a graduate admissions application and select non-degree as their major
  2. Students need not submit any further transcripts or credentials for evaluation
  3. Students will be placed on an open requirement graduate checksheet