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Graduate Off-Campus Course Credit Policy

Off-campus study is permitted for matriculating students who have a need to complete studies while they are absent from Robert Morris University. Students can request, in writing, permission from the Academic/Transfer Services Office to study off-campus. The request should include the name, address, and accreditation status of the College/University where the off-campus study is to be completed; the course number, course title, and credit value of the courses to be completed; and a description and/or verification of the circumstances that support the need for off-campus study.

All credit from other institutions must meet the following criteria:
  1. Permission for transfer credit will only be considered for those students whose cumulative grade point average is 3.0 or higher.

  2. A "B" grade or higher must be earned to qualify as transfer credit to Robert Morris University.

  3. A course completed that earned a final letter grade at Robert Morris may not be repeated at another institution for off-campus course credit. Students who withdrew (W) or previously audited (L) a course can repeat that course for off-campus credit.

  4. Credits must comply with the Graduate Residency and Transfer Requirements for Masters Programs Policy.
Graduate Off-Campus Course Credit Procedure

Students must have advanced written permission from the Academic/Transfer Services Office before registering for off-campus courses.

Once the student completes the off-campus course, an official transcript from the host institution must be forwarded to the Transfer Services Office to receive the off-campus course credit and update the student's RMU official transcript.