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Undergraduate Academic Forgiveness Policy

Academic forgiveness may be available to students who have grades lower than "C" in courses taken ten or more years ago. Once Academic Forgiveness has occurred, the course cannot count towards student’s degree.  Low grades in required courses need to be repeated to improve a student's grade point average. 

Undergraduate Academic Forgiveness Procedure

Conditions: This privilege can be exercised only once in the pursuit of an undergraduate degree from Robert Morris and cannot be reversed.

Only courses that were taken ten or more years before applying for forgiveness can be forgiven

Grades of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, and C cannot be forgiven.

If a required course on a student’s checksheet is forgiven, due to academic regression, the student will be required to take a substitute course in its place to meet graduation requirements.

Procedures: A student may request the application of the Academic Forgiveness Policy to his/her academic record by submitting a written request to the Academic Services Office.

Upon approval of the request:

  1. All courses, credits, and grades forgiven will be retained on the academic transcript, but will be bracketed with notation "[Academic Forgiveness Policy in Effect]."
  2. All credits and quality points for courses forgiven will be disregarded in the cumulative calculation of hours attempted, quality points earned, and quality point average/likewise the total credits will be reduced by credits forgiven.

 Revised June 2006