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Undergraduate Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes. Specific absence policies are determined by each academic department and faculty member, announced at the beginning of each course, and presented in the course syllabus. Students whose absence exceeds the announced departmental or faculty policy may receive a course grade of "F." Such students are permitted to attend the remaining classes but are not permitted to take any examinations. 

Notification Requirements
  1. Athletic Competition (Events only, not practice or preparation).
    The Department of Athletics must provide each student-athlete with a detailed schedule (including times and dates the athletes will be unavailable for classes) of competitive events including pre- and post-game obligations. The student-athlete must deliver this schedule to the affected professor at least one week before a conflict arises in obligations. 

  2. Academic and Student Life University-Sanctioned Events.
  3. The appropriate department head or faculty/staff advisor must provide each student who is officially representing the University at an event with a detailed schedule of competitive events including pre- and post-event obligations (e.g., model UN, AMA meetings, student government conferences). The schedule must be delivered to the affected professor at least one week before a conflict arises in obligations. 

Appeals dealing with this policy by faculty or students are to be considered by the faculty member's department head.

Revised April 2017; Enacted for Fall 2017