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Undergraduate Credit by Examination Policy

To earn credit by examination, students must have the approval from the Academic Services Office, Center for Adult and Continuing Education or Moon Township. A student may earn a maximum of 18 credits toward an associate degree and 30 credits toward a bachelor's degree by examination and will be assessed fees/tuition according to the published schedule. A student may not seek credit by examination for a course that has been completed at Robert Morris with a grade of "D" or "F." In addition, a student may not seek credit by examination for any course currently enrolled past the published drop/add period of the given semester.

Undergraduate Credit by Examination Procedure

Once the student has contacted the Academic Services Office, the following procedures will be observed:
  1. If a course qualifies for credit by examination, the examination will be a Robert Morris University Examination or CLEP Examination. (If a CLEP Examination is available, the student must take the CLEP Examination.)

  2. Review academic records to determine if the course applies to the student's degree program. Students may not earn credit by examination for a course that has been previously completed at Robert Morris with a grade other than W, WP, L.

  3. Complete and distribute charge authorization or payment receipt. Students on a flat tuition rate who have not exceeded the maximum allowed credits will not be charged tuition.

  4. Prepare memorandum to appropriate department head authorizing the student to take the examination and to contact the department head for making arrangements. Students taking the CLEP examination must complete the application available in the Student Support Center or Academic Services Office. The following CLEP examinations have been eliminated:

    1. All General Examinations
    2. University Composition Subject Examinations
    3. Principles of Accounting Subject Examination

  5. Final arrangements for the Robert Morris examination time, location, instructor or proctor are made by the department head.

  6. If the student receives a minimum grade of "C", the department head will forward results of advanced standing exam to the Academic Services Office (Moon Township or Pittsburgh).

  7. Robert Morris accepts credit for CLEP based on the American Council on Education recommended score. Upon receipt of any CLEP results, the Assistant Dean will determine whether the examination score is high enough to award credit.

  8. The Academic Services Office will complete the administrative process and send the student a new checksheet.