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Undergraduate Credit by Examination Policy

  1. CLEP examinations are considered RMU credits, and the undergraduate residency requirement states that students must complete their final 30 credits and 51% of their major area of study at RMU.

  2. A student may earn a maximum of 30 credits by exam toward a bachelor's degree.

  3. A student may not seek credit by examination for a course that has been completed at Robert Morris with a grade of "D" or "F."

  4. Students within 30 credits of graduating must complete CLEP exams no later than the end of the first semester of their senior year. 

Undergraduate Credit by Examination Procedure

Once the student has contacted their advisor and  Academic Services Office, the following procedures will be observed:
  1. If a course qualifies for credit by examination, the examination will be a Robert Morris University Examination or CLEP Examination. (If a CLEP Examination is available, the student must take the CLEP Examination.)

  2. Robert Morris only accepts subject exams.

  3. An official CLEP transcript will be sent to the Colonial Hub Office. An unofficial score will not be accepted for processing.

  4. Robert Morris accepts credit for CLEP based on the American Council on Education recommended score. Upon receipt of any CLEP results, the Department Head of student’s program will determine whether the examination score is high enough to award credit. 

Revised April 2017; Enacted for Fall 2017