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Undergraduate Directed Study Policy

Directed Study may be available to Robert Morris students, in unusual circumstances, for regular catalog courses if the student provides detailed justification for the Directed Study and receives approval of the school dean upon recommendation from the department head.

Undergraduate Directed Study Procedure
  1. Students must obtain an application for the Directed Study and take the application and a copy of their current academic checksheet to the head of the academic department through which the course is offered.

  2. Detailed justification must be completed on the application.

  3. If the department head feels the justification warrants approval, the department head will pursue finding a faculty member to conduct the Directed Study.

  4. If the faculty member agrees to conduct the directed study, the department head will complete approval process part of the application and forward the application to the school dean.

  5. Planning for a Directed Study should be done before classes begin. The school dean forwards the application to the Academic Services Office for registration purposes.
Independent Study is available to students with a minimum 3.00 cumulative QPA who desire additional enrichment in areas not otherwise available through traditional course selection.

Revised June 2006