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Undergraduate Dual Degree/Double Major Policy

Students may pursue two bachelor degrees or two majors concurrently provided that the minimum number credits may be no less than 150 credit hours. Students must be in good academic standing, 2.0, and meet all requirements of both majors.

Undergraduate Dual Degree/Double Major Procedure

  1. To add another degree/major, log into Sentry Secured Services and complete the form.
  2. The student meets all applicable guidelines for earning a B.S.B.A., B.A., B.S., B.S.N, or B.F.A degree (core, residency, etc.). Students must complete the requirements (of the secondary degree/major) which are in effect at the time the addition of a second major is approved.
  3. Students entering the double major program must declare one major as primary and the other as secondary.
  4. Each major will be recorded on an official transcript when all program requirements for the major are completed. If a student applies for a B.S.B.A., B.A., B.S., B.S.N., or B.F.A degree and meets the requirements for one major but not both, the student will be graduated from the completed major only.
  5. The statue of limitations policy, as well as departmental accreditation standards, applies to those who may return as a post-baccalaureate to complete the requirements for the second major. 

A dual degree is a type of study such as a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. A double major is a program of study that meets the requirements of two distinct majors in a single Bachelor’s degree, for example, a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Sociology.

Revised August 2017