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Undergraduate Final Examination Policy
  1. Examinations will take place in the rooms in which the individual classes have been meeting, unless otherwise announced. A change in the final examination room assignment may only be made with the approval of University Registrar.

  2. Examination times may not be changed unless approved in advance by the dean, department chair and University Registrar. An instructor with a compelling reason to change the time of an examination must obtain written approval from the department chair and dean of the school in which the course is taught. The school dean will send the approval to the University Registrar for a room assignment. The University Registrar will then notify the instructor and department head of the room assignment.

  3. Common final examinations occur when all sections of the course meet simultaneously. No courses other than those listed on the Official Publications Web site may use a common examination time. Students who have a conflict with a regularly scheduled class exam must consult the respective faculty member for a solution.

  4. There is a university policy that provides relief to student who have three examinations scheduled the same day. In that situation, students may seek the assistance of the course instructors or department head.

  5. Class-related activities, with the exception of office hours, are prohibited on designated individual study days and during the final examination period. These dates are set aside for students to prepare for and take scheduled final examinations. During this period, review sessions are not to be scheduled, quizzes are not to be given, and no other class-related activities can be scheduled.

  6. It is University policy that non-comprehensive exams may be given during the last week of the regular class semester. Comprehensive examinations may only be given during the scheduled Final Examination Week. Thus, regular unit exams or quizzes, including makeup exams, may be given during the last week of classes or during the individual study day. Courses in which lab examinations and design studio reviews are normally scheduled the week prior to finals are excluded from this policy.

  7. No extracurricular activities of any kind may be scheduled in academic space within the individual study day and the final examination period without written permission of the Office of the Provost.

Revised June 2011