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Undergraduate Grading for Study Abroad Policy

Study abroad grades will be accepted as actual grades or grade equivalencies; however, these grades are not factored into the cumulative QPA. A notation of the grade is included on the student's transcript.

Undergraduate Grading for Study Abroad Procedures

Specific study abroad policies are found in the Study Abroad Handbook. Listed below is a general description of procedures for study abroad.


When registering for Study Abroad courses hosted by our partner or associated institutions, students will initially register for the appropriate number of "Study Abroad Credits." The actual courses will then be substituted for "Study Abroad Credits" at that time. Actual RMU course numbers will be used.

Partner Institutions

The approval process for courses at partner institutions will be as follows:
  1. Students review the courses available at the partner institution and seek written approval (signature) of course substitutions from the department head of the department where that course is offered.
  2. RMU Core courses are to be approved by the respective department head offering the course.
  3. Open or Restricted Electives are to be approved by the department head of the student's major.
  4. The Study Abroad Office will also keep a file of Automatic Course Substitutions that have been approved by the Department Heads. These courses do not require a separate signature since the Department Head's signature is on file.
Associated Institutions

Students may choose to participate in a program offered by associated institutions.
  1. The student must first seek the approval of the Director of Study Abroad Programs.
  2. Course equivalencies will be approved using the same procedures as that of partner institutions.
  3. Additionally, students must have a signed agreement in place before final approval is given and must pay any additional costs associated with the program, including an RMU administrative fee.
Other Study Abroad Issues

Students from Robert Morris studying abroad will be informed that while they must follow all the policies and meet the requirements of Robert Morris, they will also be subject to the policies, procedures, rules and requirements of the host institution while attending those institutions. Accordingly,
  1. All the grading policies governing grading at the host institution will apply to the visiting students from Robert Morris.
  2. Appeals and complaints regarding grades received should be addressed to the host institution following grievance procedures of the host institution if there are any.
  3. It is the responsibility of the visiting students to ascertain the appeal and grievance procedures of the institution they are visiting.
  4. The Study Abroad Office at Robert Morris will be available to provide counsel.
  5. In keeping with well-accepted principles of academic freedom and academic prerogatives in the United States, no administrators or faculty members of Robert Morris will attempt to interfere with the grading policies of the host institutions abroad.
  6. All credits and grades received from the host institution will be entered by the Registrar without change.

Revised October 2007