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Undergraduate Graduation Requirements Policy

To qualify for a degree, candidates must successfully complete:
  1. A minimum of 120 credits for the bachelor of science in business administration degree, bachelor of arts degree, or the bachelor of science degree; a minimum of 63 credits is required for the associate in arts or associate in science degree.

  2. A cumulative quality-point average of at least 2.00 or higher where so specified for specific majors.

  3. All courses designated in the approved program of studies.

  4. All out-of-class experiences required in the major.

  5. A minimum grade of "C" in those courses designated as part of the *major.

  6. The final 30-credit residency requirement of the University.

  7. Engaged Learning Requirement (See Engaged Learning Graduation Requirement Policy)
Students who have completed or who are registered to complete all degree requirements, must apply for graduation within the first ten days of their final semester of attendance. Upon successful completion of all degree requirements, students will be officially graduated and receive their diploma. The official date of graduation will be at the end of the semester that the student applies for graduation.

(See Participation in Commencement Policy.)

*Definition of the student's major:
  1. BSBA Degree - Business Core and Major Core
  2. BA and/or BS Degree - Major Core and Track Concentration

Revised January 2015