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Undergraduate Jury Duty Policy

State law prohibits interference with jury duty. It is against University policy to impede a student called to jury duty. For instance, if a student’s jury duty conflicts with a class, lab or exam, faculty must cooperate with the student to reschedule the missed course obligations. Jury duty is a valid excuse for missing class and should not count against established class attendance policies. The student has the responsibility to provide verification of attendance at jury duty as required by their instructor.

Students are not exempt, but they can be deferred
Being a student does not exempt you from civic duty. You can, however, use it as a request to defer your summons. You can defer it to a time when school is on break (the summer or winter vacations, for example), or you can defer it to just "later" and then defer it again if you are still a student when you get re-summoned. Also, living away from your primary residence (i.e., as a dorm student) is usually sufficient reason to have your summons deferred. If you cannot find the place on the summons to request deference, you should call the respective court house to ask for instructions.