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Undergraduate Minors Policy

Students enrolled in Bachelor Degree Programs at Robert Morris University may pursue a minor providing the student is in good standing possessing a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or higher. Minors can improve the educational program for students, their broader intellectual development, and assist them in pursuing career goals. In addition to the benefits of meeting the rigors of a major field of study, students can benefit greatly from being able to pursue one or more minors. Students at Robert Morris University have the opportunity to select from a variety of minors associated with various academic departments.

The following are guidelines that are followed by all academic minors at RMU:

  1. A minor shall consist of no fewer than 15 or more than 21 credits.
  2. Up to six credits of RMU Core may count toward the number of credits required for the minor.
  3. Each minor should include a minimum of 9-12 credits of required courses and no more than 9 credits of electives.
  4. Prerequisite rules apply to minors. 
Undergraduate Minors Procedures
  1. Students interested in a specific area as a minor should review the programs within the academic department of interest and consult with their academic advisors as to whether the minor would strengthen their majors in a complementary field of study.

  2. Students interested in pursuing a minor should complete the online form through Sentry.

  3. Students electing a minor must pass all required courses for the minor with a grade of "C" or higher, complete at least 9 credits for the minor at Robert Morris University, and take all required courses on a graded basis.      
Revised January 2010