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Undergraduate Reinstatement Policy


A student in good academic standing who does not take classes at Robert Morris for four consecutive semesters, excluding summer terms, must request reinstatement to continue their studies. A current program check sheet will be used to establish program requirements. Students who were academically suspended or dismissed from the University are covered under the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

  1. A student requesting reinstatement must complete a Request for Reinstatement on the RMU website or complete a reinstatement form in the Student Support Center or Colonial Hub. 

  2. Upon receipt of the completed form, the Colonial Hub Office will: 

    • Verify the student is in good academic standing, check student accounts information, demographic information, and student number (If there is a problem the student will be asked to check with the necessary departments to clear his or her status before the reinstatement process can resume); 

    • Review all materials, approve or deny the request for reinstatement (any conditions affecting the reinstatement will be identified on the form). 

  3. Upon completion of the reinstatement material by the Colonial Hub, distribution will be as follows: 

    • One copy of the checksheet and reinstatement will be mailed to the student along with registration materials by the Colonial Hub. 

    • One copy of the checksheet and reinstatement will be placed in the student's folder. 

  4. Refer to Change of Major/Program Policy in cases where the student wishes to return to Robert Morris in a different degree program. 

Updated for accuracy August 2017