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Undergraduate Repeating Courses Policy

  • A student may repeat a course in which a grade of D, F, N, or L was received. Students must repeat courses even if a passing grade was earned if a particular course requires a higher minimum grade.
  • If the student receives a lower grade after repeating a course, the student's cumulative quality-point average will be based on the most recent grade earned.
  • Students who have not attained the minimum passing grade for courses required in their program of study after three attempts (or other program requirements) may be dismissed from the program.
*Please note that the original grade, although not counted in the cumulative GPA, remains on the student’s transcript.

Eligibility for Financial Aid

If you are a financial aid recipient, please note that failed coursework is calculated in the overall financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) review each year, and a student is required to meet SAP standards to remain eligible for financial aid. The SAP is calculated differently than the RMU GPA and Academic Standing. Please contact the financial aid office for questions regarding SAP.

Eligibility for GI Bill™ Benefits

Students who receive GI Bill™ benefits cannot be certified for or receive compensation repeating a course that was successfully completed. However, if a student fails a course, or if a program requires a higher grade than the one achieved in a particular class for successful completion, then that course may be repeated and certified to the VA again.

A VA student can round out a schedule with non-required courses to bring his/her course load up to a full-time schedule in his/her last term only. 

This allows students to continue to receive benefits at the full-time rate in their last term of enrollment, even though fewer credits are required to complete the program. 

 NOTE: This procedure can be done only once per program. In rounding out a full-time schedule, VA students may use any credit hour unit subject, including a subject that has previously been successfully completed (received a passing grade).

 EXAMPLE: A claimant needs to complete 60 credit hours to obtain a B. A. degree. After passing 57 credit hours, the claimant enrolls in four 3-credit-hour courses. VA may pay the Veteran educational assistance for full-time training during this last term.

Frequently Asked Questions

 I’m currently enrolled in a class, but there is a chance I won’t pass. Can I register for the course next term now to hold a seat?

No, the Sentry system will block you from registration from a class if you are currently registered in the same class. However, after grades are posted, if you receive a non-passing grade, you will be able to add the course if seats are available.

 I need to repeat a class to meet my major requirements. How can I obtain permission to do this?

The dean’s office of your major can assist you with the petition.

 If I withdraw from a class and receive a “W”, and then I repeat and successful complete the course in a future term, will the “W” be removed from my record?

No, all grades including “W”, “L” for audits, and “N” for competency not met will remain on your transcript and is not calculated in to your cumulative G.P.A.

 I completed the course but failed it, why isn’t on my checksheet?

A failing grade will not slot into the course requirements. The failed course will appear in the Additional Coursework Completed (Not applicable to program).


Updated information on October 2017