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Reverse Degree

Receive your Associate Degree from CCAC

The Reverse Degree Program is a partnership program for Robert Morris University (RMU) students where your academic credits for course work completed at RMU are transferred back to the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) to satisfy their associate degree requirements. Some students transfer into RMU before completing their associate degree at CCAC where they started. Through the Reverse Degree Program, your achievements can be recognized with an associate degree after accumulating enough RMU credits to fulfill the two-year degree requirements at CCAC.

What are the benefits for me?

The associate degree is a marketable credential for your resume and an important milestone in your education. It is greatly valued by employers as evidence of your hard work and commitment to achieving your educational goals and expanding your knowledge. The associate degree can make a difference in your long-term professional growth and career success. In addition:

  • Earning an associate degree provides an additional credential that makes you more competitive when applying for jobs and scholarships.
  • The associate degree can provide better job opportunities while completing your bachelor degree.
  • Students who earn an associate degree are often more committed to lifelong learning and more likely to complete their bachelor degree.
  • The associate degree is recognized by employers when recruiting and hiring.

How do I participate?

Students who transfer from CCAC before successful completion of the associate degree may qualify for the reverse degree when the following conditions have been met:

  1. The transfer student must successfully complete at least 30 credit hours within the Community College of Allegheny County system before transferring to RMU.
  2. The CCAC transfer student must successfully complete a minimum of 12 credits with RMU to qualify for the reverse degree.
  3. The total number of credits earned at RMU, combined with the number of credits earned at CCAC, must satisfy the associate degree requirements as determined by CCAC. Degree requirements from CCAC range from 60-65 total credits.
  4. Students must be actively enrolled at RMU at the time of application and execution of the reverse degree articulation.

Complete the application form and send your unofficial transcripts from RMU to CCAC for degree review. You may also need to send an official copy of the transcript at a later time. If those credits meet the criteria for the program, you could get your associate degree and be eligible to participate in CCAC commencement ceremonies. Remember, you are applying for a CCAC degree -- all decisions regarding your eligibility and completion of required courses are a CCAC decision.

Download the application formcomplete it, and send it to the RMU Registrar's Office.

 Frequently Asked Questions

I have not completely satisfied all the criteria (i.e., credits hours earned) to receive my Reverse Degree. Can I still apply for the program and complete the remaining credits at CCAC and transfer those courses to RMU?

  • Yes. CCAC will review your performance and guide you towards the most effective (time and cost) completion of your Reverse Degree. There is no guarantee that courses taken at RMU will transfer to CCAC and no guarantee that courses taken at CCAC will satisfy bachelor degree requirements at RMU. You must check with both schools on the proper course of action.

Am I guaranteed to earn my associate degree from CCAC?

  • No. Requirements for the Reverse degree is granted and evaluated solely by the degree-granting institution, in this case, by    CCAC. The courses taken at RMU will appear on your RMU transcript and be under review regarding the subject of the degree, requirements met, and academic performance. The degree is ultimately under the discretion of the institution granting the degree.

Will I still be able to participate in graduation for my associate degree if I have already transferred to RMU?

  • Yes. Contact CCAC after degree approval and make commencement arrangements.

Contact Information

Daniell C. Matthews, M.A.                                    Don E. Lane, M.A.                              
University Registrar                                                Associate Registrar                                                                                           

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Diane Jacobs, Registrar
CCAC Academic Management Services
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800 Allegheny Avenue
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