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CLEP - Credit By Examination Program

What are CLEP tests?

CLEP is a series of individual tests for various college-level courses. The tests provide an opportunity to gain college credit for knowledge acquired through independent study. You do not have to be a CCAC student to take the tests. The CCAC Testing Center is an open test center that administers CLEP to the general public. On the day of the test, candidates will indicate a college or institution to which CLEP score reports are to be sent. Each college or institution will evaluate the individual score and determine whether college credit is to be awarded.

Where do I take a CLEP Test?

CCAC administers CLEP Exams at the CCAC Testing Center at Allegheny Campus, North Side, 808 Ridge Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15212.

How are the tests administered?

CLEP is administered as a computer-based test (CBT) only. You will receive instant score reports (except for those tests which include an essay).

CLEP has developed a free on-line tool, the CLEP Sampler, to help you prepare for taking a CLEP test on computer. It can be downloaded from the College Board website. Detailed descriptions and downloadable study guides for each test are also available. Visit the website for more information about CLEP CBT at

Students interested in completing a CLEP examination should check the Robert Morris University course equivalents to make sure they are taking the correct examination for credit to be applied to their academic program.

A student may earn a maximum 30 credits toward a bachelor's degree by examination. A student may not seek credit by examination for a course that has been completed at Robert Morris with a grade of "D" or "F."

For details as to when the examinations are administered and how to register for the examinations, visit the CCAC CLEP Website.