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Communication Skills Program Requirements

The Communications Skills Program has as its goal the mastery by all RMU graduates of a wide range of communications skills, strategies, and principles. Both the Communications Skills courses, required as part of the RMU Core, and the Communications Skills Intensive instruction, required in each major, provide students with opportunities for increasingly complex practice. Students read and interpret a variety of written, spoken and presentation materials. They also apply listening, cross-cultural, group dynamics, and rhetorical skills to the discourse of each discipline.

Communications Skills in the RMU Core

All students must take 12 credits of Communications Skills courses as part of the RMU Core Curriculum. Depending on placement testing scores, students will take COSK1220 or COSK2221 in addition to COSK1221, COSK1220, COSK2230. If placed into COSK1220, a student’s Core requirements in Communications Skills are: COSK1220, COSK1221, COSK2220, COSK2230. If placed into COSK1221 (advanced placement), a student's Core requirements in Communications Skills are: COSK1221, COSK2220, COSK2221, COSK2230.

Communications Skills in the Major (The Communications Skills Intensive Program)

Upon completion of COSK courses required as part of the RMU Core, students must then complete additional course work in their major, as prescribed by the faculty of each degree-granting School. This course work may include from one to four specified "Communications Skills Intensive" sections of courses in the major. Further, the faculty of the School may require additional focused instruction and application of Communications Skills principles distributed across a number of other upper-division courses. Courses designated as Communications Skills Intensive are integrated into the degree as part of the  degree requirements  of the student's academic checksheet.

Plan your remaining semesters at Robert Morris to include the required number of communications skills intensive courses at the 3000-4000 level in your schedule -- they are noted with a C1 - C9 section letter designation in the class schedule.   

You should have second and third choices ready for your communications skills sections so that if you do not get into one section, you will have other options.

It is probably best to spread your communications skills courses evenly over your remaining semesters. However, you may enroll in more than one at a time -- just observe the COSK2220 and any other prerequisites.

Attention: Transfer Students

Transfer students must fulfill the Communications Skills Program requirements. You should take time now to plan your semesters at RMU so you will be able to complete both your major and communications skills requirements. Here are some ways to plan your schedule:

If you transfer in equivalent courses for COSK1220 Reading & Writing Strategies, COSK1221 Argument & Research, and COSK2220 Public Speaking & Persuasion, you must complete  COSK2221 Intercultural Communications and COSK2230 Business & Professional Communications at RMU.  

If you transfer in equivalent courses for COSK1220 Reading & Writing Strategies and COSK1221 Argument & Research only, you must enroll in COSK2220 Public Speaking & Persuasion during your first semester. You must enroll in COSK2230 Business & Professional Communications in your second semester. And, in the remaining semesters, you must complete the upper-level communications intensive requirements for your major or related discipline.