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Registering Subsequent to Medical Withdrawal

Medical Withdrawal Policy

Accidents or illnesses that interfere with a student’s completion of an academic term may be the basis for withdrawal from all courses; partial medical withdrawals are not considered. Application for a medical withdrawal must be completed within 90 days of the end of the semester in question. A medical withdrawal will be granted only once during the student’s enrollment at RMU. Students may withdraw in subsequent terms under the published withdrawal schedule, but will not be granted additional medical withdrawals. 

Academic Implications: If the medical withdrawal application includes a request for a course grade change, the instructor who assigned the grade will be notified. The final decision to change the grade will rest with the course instructor. No grade will be changed without the consent of the course instructor. 

Financial Implications: Students requesting a medical withdrawal early enough in the semester may be

eligible for tuition refund based on the withdrawal schedule established for traditional, graduate/non-traditional, and doctorate students. 

Medical Withdrawal Application

To initiate a medical withdrawal application, the student: 

  • Should consult with their faculty advisor to discuss issues relate to their academic progress toward graduation and student financial services to become familiar with financial implications of any withdrawal before submitting their Medical Withdrawal Request Form.
  • Should contact the Registrar’s Office to process a withdrawal from the all courses that are to be included in the medical withdrawal application. 
  • Provide the following information to the Vice-Provost for Academic Affairs along with the Medical Withdrawal Request Form: 
    • Completed Medical Withdrawal Request Form, which can be obtained in the Registrar’s Office. 
    • Documentation from the treating health care provider stating the reason for the medical withdrawal. The documentation must be on the health care provider’s letterhead, signed by the health care provider, and include the date of the accident or period of illness. 

The Vice Provost for Academic Affairs will review the application and provide a recommendation to the Provost, who renders the final decision on the Medical Withdrawal Application. The student will be informed of the decision in writing. If the medical withdrawal is approved and the student wishes to enroll for a future term, a separate letter from the treating health care provider must be received by the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs The letter should state that the student is medically fit to resume classes at the University. Students should seek reinstatement no later than 60 days before the start of the desired semester.

For additional information pertaining to medical withdrawals, see Academic Policies.